NBA Free Agency: Will Free Agency Determine the LA Lakers’ Title Window?

If you are a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers you can choose to view the start of free agency in two ways. It's either a chance for the Lakers to create more distance from the rest of the NBA, or the rest of the league's attempt to draw closer.

Under either circumstance, what Los Angeles does in the next few weeks could determine how many more titles may lie in the immediate future of the franchise.

I have recently written that the Lakers should tinker as little as possible with a roster that already has a championship pedigree, and I stand by those words, but it's hard to ignore the few nagging issues the defending champs have.

Uncertainty at the point guard position has loomed as the largest issue facing the Lakers in the off season, and when glancing at the roster it's easy to understand why.

Derek Fisher is currently a free agent and most Lakers' fans feel his time as a starting point guard in the NBA has passed, but they are also reluctant to see him depart for another team.

Fisher's value is no longer found as much in the regular season as it is in the postseason, so this is a reasonable stance for anyone to take, but who replaces Fisher in the line-up?

It has been whispered that Jordan Farmar is looking to ply his services elsewhere, and if this is true the Lakers must decide if Farmar still fits the vision management had for him.

It has long been understood that Lakers' brass envisioned Farmar as the potential heir to Fisher's point guard position but his performances on the court have been inconsistent at best.

Farmar looks no more ready to assume the reins of the lead guard position as he was when he first stepped on an NBA court some four seasons ago, and the Lakers' patience in his development is growing thin.

A story on today says Fisher and Shannon Brown are the Lakers' main two free agent targets, so that likely means Farmar is o...

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