NBA Free Agency: What Team Needs Dwyane Wade Most?

What team could use Miami Heat free agent Dwyane Wade the most this offseason? The answer is the one team in the NBA that is set at every position for the next three years except point guard.

That team would be the Los Angeles Lakers . The Lakers have the prototypical player at every position except point guard. Theie starting five is long, athletic and big.

Take a look at the Lakers roster. The Lakers have the best two-guard in the NBA who is destined to be a lifelong Laker. At small forward, Ron Artest is a tough defender with a solid offensive game. Pau Gasol is a 7-foot power forward who will likely finish his career in L.A.

At the center position is underrated center Andrew Bynum. Bynum is just 22 and could play the center position in L.A. for the next 10 years. The only weakness in the starting lineup is 35-year-old Derek Fisher.

Think about how much better a defensive team L.A. would be with Wade. Right now the Lakers' entire defensive strategy changes because they are undersized at point guard. Kobe often has to guard point guards because Fisher is not quick enough to keep up with Western Conference point guards. Russell Westbrook and Deron Williams made Fisher look flat out old this postseason. 

If the Lakers had a better point guard, they would not be in this dog fight with the Celtics. This is the last year of Fisher's contract. Fisher is an unrestricted free agent and makes just over $5 million a year. Fisher has served the Lakers well over his career but the team should look elsewhere this offseason. L.A. needs a younger, faster point guard to compete against Chris Paul, Steve Nash, Deron Williams, and Russell Westbrook.

Do I think that Wade will be a Laker? I don't think the odds are good that Wade will go to L.A., but it is nice to dream. Even if the Lakers don't have enough cash to land Wade, they should ...

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