NBA Free Agency: Derek Fisher To Miami? Don’t Count On It

Rumors recently surfaced that Los Angeles Lakers' point guard Derek Fisher had reached an impasse with management over a new contract, and he was reported to have scheduled a meeting with Miami's Pat Riley.

If Miami managed to sign Fisher away from the Lakers, it would give the Heat championship experience at the point guard position, and a proven clutch shooter on the game's biggest stage.

It would also make Fisher one of the most hated figures in Lakers' history, and all he has done over his Lakers' career could be compromised by even entertaining the thought of riding the Miami bandwagon.

Fisher without question has been an integral piece of the Lakers' last five NBA championships, and Lakers' fans are passionate in their devotion to him, but that could quickly turn to anger due to his indiscretions.

The formation of the Miami super team is perceived to be a direct challenge to the dominance of the Lakers over the last two seasons, and battle lines have been drawn in the sand.

It's bad enought that three of the game's biggest stars in Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh felt the only way to unseat the Lakers would be to team up, but attempting to raid the Lakers' roster is crossing the line.

The brash and cocky nature of James was on full display last night as he promised to bring the next four NBA championships "home" to Miami, and Fisher would be foolish to exit under these circumstances.

One of the most enticing aspects about Fisher's character is the professional manner in which he carries himself, and that's why the Heat's overtures are more likely a negotiating ploy than anything else.

Fisher understands the importance of the Lakers' legacy and he understands his place in it, so why would he trade a chance at immortality for the uncertainty which awaits in Miami?

Fisher has come full circle since his two seasons away from Los Angeles following t...

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