NBA Free Agency: Are Shannon Brown’s Days As a Laker Numbered?

The Los Angeles Lakers filled a need at point guard when Steve Blake reportedly accepted a four-year, $16 million offer, but their silence about reserve guard Shannon Brown's future has been puzzling.

Blake's steady play and decision making is an upgrade over Jordan Farmar, who would appear to be on his way out of Los Angeles, and the Lakers have previously said Brown and Derek Fisher are their biggest free agency priorities.

But, if the Lakers were able to make a deal for a more attractive free agent, would it signal an end to Brown's time as a Laker?

The Lakers were rumored to be interested in Washington Wizards guard Mike Miller, and if he is available, would general manager Mitch Kupchak pull the trigger on a deal?

Miller does have advantages to his game, which would appear to make him an upgrade over Brown, at least on the surface.

Miller is bigger than Brown at 6'8", but it's his superior shooting ability from long range which has Lakers fans drooling, because consistent perimeter scoring was a missing element from last season's championship team.

Kobe Bryant was the Lakers most dependable long-range threat in 2010, but Miller would give Los Angeles the type of perimeter potential which has been missing from their roster since the days of Glen Rice.

Miller could also serve as a secondary ball-handler, and his presence on the roster would lessen the need for a true point guard in certain situations, which could multiply the Lakers' size advantage.

The only major knock on Miller's game is his perception as a poor man-to-man defender, and that aspect coupled with Brown's presumed lower asking price could weigh the scales in Brown's favor.

The Lakers were rumored to have offered Miller a five-year, $30 million deal, but they could possibly sign Brown for a much lower figure than Miller's $6 million a year asking price.

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