NBA Free Agency Aftermath: League Quivers, Lakers Say “Bring it On!”

In the wake of a week of speculation, rumors, and hype, it's time for a little honesty.

Around the country, the quotes are coming from players, coaches, GMs, owners, sportswriters, and fans. They are all saying, in essence, "We're not worried about the Heat's new Big Three."


Anyone with a sense of history knows that a team with multiple superstars can dominate the league.

Moreover, a team like that can prevent other teams—even ones with great players—from ever getting to the top of the mountain. Just ask Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, and Steve Nash what it's like to be in a league dominated by a superteam.

So, the truth is, the league is quivering in its hightops. They're worried in Orlando, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Boston, and every other Eastern Conference city with aspirations of going to the finals.

There is only one team that is not, and should not be, worried.

The Lakers, of course.

The Lakers are the Champions. They have dominated the Western Conference and have won the last two titles.

At their center is Kobe Bryant, who is chasing more than titles. He is chasing NBA immortality.

In putting the finishing touches on that legacy, what could be better than a true challenge?

That is what the Heat will provide. It might take a year for Miami to acquire the right pieces to put around the Big Three, and for the parts to come together as a whole. However, eventually the Heat will conquer the East and stake their claim as the next dynasty.

There, they will likely find Kobe and the Lakers waiting. The Lakers have the lineup to look at the Big Three with no fear and say to Miami, "Bring it on. If you want a title, you have to go through us!" 

Like Ali and Frazier, this is a clash of titans that is bound to happen. The outcome will be historic.

Heat fans and Laker fans...fa...

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