NBA Free Agency 2010: Shannon Brown’s Options

Last year, Shannon Brown wasn't necessarily a main contributor for the Lakers, but he did play solid minutes and played well when he was on the court. Brown was essentially a throw-in in a deal between the Bobcats and the Lakers last season. This season Brown established himself as a regular rotation member and logged 21 minutes a game.

The 2010 NBA free agency period was probably the best in the history of the NBA and many teams as well as the players took advantage. Everyone was trying to desperately improve their teams and the players benefited from this. 

There are really only three big name free agents left. Shaq, Tracy Mcgrady, and Shannon Brown. Shaq and Mcgrady are both seasoned veterans that are looking for a contract that will potentially take them into retirement while Brown is only 24 years old and is not even in his prime yet. 

Because Brown is really the only young player left of serious value he is the most valuable player left on the market. Several teams have shown a lot of interest in Brown, but at this point I think it's a three team race between the Knicks, the Cavs, and the Lakers.

The Lakers want Brown back, and Brown wants to resign with the Lakers however, if the Lakers fail to rid themselves of Sasha Vujacic's binding contract Brown would have to take a large pay cut. The Lakers are deep into luxury tax territory and do not want to take on another large contract.

If Brown wants to sign with the Lakers he will get less minutes and will probably have to take a pay cut, but he will get to stay in Los Angeles. Who doesn't want to live in LA? He also will have a chance to compete for a ring. Playoff experience is very valuable in the NBA and Shannon Brown will get a lot of it with the Lakers.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are another one of Brown's options. Cleveland is pretty much the opposite of the Lakers. The Cavs can offer Brown a nice big paycheck and plenty of play...

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