NBA Finals: Top 3 Ways the LA Lakers Can Beat the Chicago Bulls

As a lifelong Lakers fan, nothing pleases me more than when I see our team on that make-shift stage with the Larry O'Brien Trophy, hoisted by our MVP, whether it's Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Worthy, Shaquille O'Neal or Kobe Bryant and owner Jerry Buss up on the podium doing his interview with a huge grin on his face and thanking us, the fans, for our support.

That said, there are few thrills more disconcerting in life than seeing a Lakers Parade travel down Figueroa Street, a celebration purely based on the love of the team and the love of the players.

The parade itself is not much of a marvel; not in the town used to the annual Rose Parade on New Year's Day. And yet, a Lakers Championship Parade is infinitely more desired, more cherished, and more fulfilling.

Though many of us see our hero Lakers up much closer in games at the Staples Center, the euphoria of sharing our heroes with the have-nots that can only afford to watch the games on Channel 9 makes the whole experience a wonderful community affair.

For perhaps this is the only time they have the chance to see our heroes in person, rather than on the small screen, unless they're lucky enough to valet park their car or serve them when they stop by Pinkberry.

It is perhaps the rarity of actually ever seeing one of the Lakers in person despite following them year-round on television, on the Internet, in the LA Times, in magazines, and on blogs, that makes the championship parade such a compelling event.

What else can motivate hundreds of thousands of people to take the day off work or play hooky from summer school to line up for hours in the hot Los Angeles verano sun to get a glimpse of their heroes from a distance for just a few quick minutes? 

Now when considering the Lakers Championship Parade is that scrumptious, luscious, delectable, mouthwatering cherry on top of that wonderfully opulent, decadent su...

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