NBA Finals: Power Ranking the Lakers Championship Teams

On June 3rd, the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics renew what many consider to be the biggest rivalry in sports. And, the NBA Finals is where great teams become legendary and leave their mark on the game. Can Kobe Bryant’s Lakers shake off the ghost of the 2008 beat down at the hands of the Celtics to break through with a title this year? If so, is this current team a “power” Lakers team, one that can be held up with the greatest of great teams of Finals past, or is the 2010 version simply a pretender to that throne? And, which Lakers teams are those power teams, the best of the best? It’s a debate that’s been going on as long as sport. Every basketball fan, whether you're 12-years-old or 80, has an opinion on which team really was the greatest. It all depends on what generation you come from. You always want to have your generation be able to be the best. We all think our generation would've beaten your generation. But in reality there are ways, criteria to determine a way to rank these teams. I call it the “Power System.” It breaks down into these key categories: Ease of Victory, Number of All-Stars, and Strength of Opponent. There is a clear winner, a team that rises above all other Lakers. And, given Kobe Bryant’s circumstances of being in the Finals three years in a row, a chance to repeat and, most importantly, an opportunity to redeem the bitter loss to the Celtics in 2008, this current Lakers team has the chance to vault to the top or near top of this power List. So, let’s see which other Lakers teams are on the Power List against which Kobe’s Lakers are going to compete. Here is the list Power Ranking the Lakers Championship Teams. Begin Slideshow


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