NBA Finals Live Blog Game Two: Celtics Win and Tie the Series, 103-94

Hey guys, I'm doing the Celtics-Lakers live blog again here. You've seen Game One. Now I'm doing Game Two, here, exclusively at The game starts in a couple of minutes, so enjoy. Analysis coming soon. I update the live blog each time there is a commercial. So when you missed something, come here and check it out. It'll be updated almost every 2-6 minutes. Enjoy the game!


My pregame thoughts can be seen here.


7:53 PM ET: Honoring John Wooden. The greatest coach ever. Following the national anthem.

7:57 PM ET: I love how everyone boos for all the Celtics players when they announce it and they cheer for the Lakers players. Well, it's at Los Angeles' home court.


11:45: Garnett gets shot over Gasol. Celtics take first lead, 2-0.

11:24: Derek Fisher makes jumpshot. 2-2.

11:09: Fisher called for foul on Garnett's pass to Ray Allen.

10:57: Rajon Rondo misses jumpshot.

10:50: Derek Fisher draws foul on Rondo. He hits both free throws. LA leads 4-2.

10:35: Pierce misses jumpshot.

10:23: Bynum makes nice dunk in a pass from Kobe Bryant. Lakers lead 6-2.

10:05: Ray Allen misses layup.

9:55: Bynum misses layup. Ron Artest rebounds.

9:46: Ron Artest goes up for layup. Misses it with a foul. Kevin Garnett called for foul. Artest makes one free throw out of two as Lakers are on for a good start. 7-2.

9:27: Ray Allen makes nice jumper. 7-4, Lakers.

9:14: Paul Pierce now the one doing defense. Blocks Artest's shot.

9:07: Kendrick Perkins makes layup. 7-6.

8:48: Rondo makes layup on fast break off a Kevin Garnett rebound. 8-7, Celtics.

8:15: Bynum hits layup. 9-8, Lakers.

7:59: Glen Davis causes turnover. Lakers' ball.

7:49: Bynum alley-oop from Fisher. 11...

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