NBA Finals: Kobe Bryant and LA Lakers Will Continue To Roll Over Boston Celtics

Kobe Bryant's clutch performance and Ron Artest's 25 points shut down Phoenix and lifted Los Angeles to the NBA Finals.

The Lakers were tested for the second time in this postseason, but with a calm approach, they moved on.

Boston, you're next.  Get over it.

Just like the Lakers did with Oklahoma City, Utah, and Phoenix, they will squeeze the life out of Boston, because Bryant and the Lakers are simply the better team.  

Los Angeles will bring home its fifth trophy in 11 years, while Boston's title run will come to an abrupt end.

The Celtics are beaten down and bruised after sending home Cleveland and Orlando in succession.  The injuries will likely continue to pile on in what will be a physical series.

They will have to deal with the best player in the game in Bryant.  And he's on one hell of a roll.

Bryant scored 30 or more points in nine of the Lakers' last 10 games, and tonight, he was unstoppable.  With two defenders flailing at the ball and a hand in his face, Bryant kept his cool, and maintained the Lakers' lead late in the game.

Celtics fans believe that Paul Pierce and Boston is underrated.  They've said that Pierce, Rondo, Allen, and Garnett don't get the respect they deserve.

It is the other way around.  Boston receives too much attention, and it has been that way since the big three came together to bring dignity back to a downtrodden franchise.

This year is no different.  

The media is blaming the Celtics' sub-par regular season record on injuries, a believable explanation.  That along with a disinterest towards "meaningless" games and a decision to save themselves for the playoffs.

It's true, but it's not the complete answer.  They were not the best team in the East. Cleveland's heartbreaking breakdown led to Boston's Conference Finals ap...

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