NBA Finals Game Six: Lakers Vs. Celtics Live Blog

6:15 p.m PST: So here we are. This could be the final game of this NBA season. Sorry for the short delay. We are in the first quarter Los Angeles leads Boston 14-12. 

6:17: Lakers have scored eight straight. However, the Celtics have won two straight and now lead this series three games to two as the teams are now headed back to Hollywood for the series' final two games. 18-12.

6:19: Ray Allen leads the Celtics with eight so far. The same case for Kobe Bryant. 

6:21: Kendrick Perkins injured himself before the last timeout, his status for the future is unclear. Kevin Garnett gets the bucket, 18-14. 

6:22: Rasheed Wallace is known to have a bad temper, he already has a technical foul tonight, as Kobe already has 11 points. 23-16 Lakers. 

6:24: Ron Artest has scored the last five points for the Lakers, 26-16. Pierce responds with a two pointer. 

6:28: Well although this series will be over this week, on Friday the Boston Red Sox will be taking on the Los Angeles Dodgers. Something tells me that series will have be very important for the Fenway Faithful. 

6:29: Lakers coach Phil Jackson was criticized for his remarks during a timeout, while "wired" during the fourth quarter in game five, where he said that the Celtics were the best at blowing fourth quarter leads. The Celtics did hold on. 

6:31: Nate Robinson loses his balance as the buzzer horns, 28-18, after one quarter. 

6:37: This is a better Lakers team we are seeing, better defense, better offense, better rebounding. The team that has lead after the first quarter has won all five of the games so far. 30-20, Lakers. 

6:39: The commercials of these finals have been so long. There was about five minutes in between quarters. The Lakers have responded so far tonight. A lot of people thought going in that this might be the final game. 

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