NBA Finals 2010: Where Does Kobe Bryant Rank All-Time Without Another Ring?

Ever since Kobe Bryant came into the league, he has been compared to Michael Jordan more then anyone.

At the start of his career, people thought it was crazy and would hate on Kobe—but then he broke through in about 2000, and all of a sudden everyone wanted him to win six championships, six Finals MVPs, five season MVPs, 10 scoring titles, get selected to 14 All-Star games, and wanted him selected for All-NBA teams 11 times.

Once the critics realized he had potential and was a confident, exciting player, they put him under a lot of pressure, because they wanted him to be just like Mike—which was so hard to do.

But instead of complaining, Bryant took the challenge, and he has come pretty darn close.

Although he didn't accomplish the individual achievements Michael did, he still is close. If he plays for at least another six years, he could accomplish some of those things, but out of all the things Michael did, Kobe is the closest in the most important category: Championships.

Bryant, who currently is in the Finals trailing the Celtics 3-2, has four championships and is looking for his fifth. If the Lakers go on to win this amazing series in seven games, that would put Bryant just one ring shy of Michael.

Unless the LeBron, Bosh, and Wade free agency changes the league, then Kobe will probably be playing the same time next season—except he would be looking to tie Michael.

But he has to get this one first, because if he doesn't, then many can argue that Bryant may never win another ring. He may never accomplish the things that Michael was able to accomplish but who really will?

It is very very hard to do those things, and if anyone can, it is Kobe Bryant. It would be really sad if people judged Kobe Bryant's career by comparing it to Michael's, because he will never win that debate, even if he does accomplish more.

I mean, come on, it's Kobe Br...

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