NBA Finals 2010: Los Angeles Lakers Find Keys To Ending Series

Game Three provided the Los Angeles Lakers with ways to end the Boston Celtics' championship hopes. Taking a victory away while visiting Boston is a difficult thing to do, especially in the NBA Finals. The Lakers made it look a piece of cake. The Boston Celtics started out strong with Kevin Garnett going 4-for-4 from the field, and it seemed that the Lakers were in for a long night in Boston. But the Iceman, Kobe Bryant, of course, would not have his team be routed in any game, let alone a pivotal game in the NBA Finals. He made some clutch shots to bring his team back into the game. If there is one thing we know now after watching Game Three, it's that the Los Angeles Lakers have figured out the Boston Celtics. Here's five keys the Lakers now know in order to bring home another NBA championship to Los Angeles.Begin Slideshow


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