NBA Finals 2010: Kobe Bryant’s Third Quarter Indicative of Whole Laker Career

I woke up today at 7:15 AM primed and ready for Game Six of the 2010 Finals.

I watched Game Five in a sports bar in Chicago and was amazed (and delighted) that everyone in the bar (besides the drunk slurring guy who approached our table, which just proves Lakers fans with few exceptions suck) was rooting for the Celtics.

The first half was so ugly that my buddy Cam (a rare cool Laker Fan) texted me that he never wanted to watch that half of basketball again.

The bar I was in had an annoying habit of switching the sound to top 40 music during every timeout, stop in play, commercial and halftime.

So instead of getting to hear Phil Jackson provide the Celtics with bulletin board material, I got to hear Miley Cyrus.

Then the third quarter started...

And as much as I hate him, Kobe Bryant is one bad MambaF****r.

The shots he hit in that quarter (and against Phoenix in Game Six) were some of the most ridiculous, off-balance, horrible shots I've ever seen.

I've always been able to tell when Kobe gets "that look"—the one that says he's shooting every time down court regardless of who's defending him or how many defenders are there.

He made a turnaround over Ray Allen where it looked like he literally just spun and threw it up. It was as Bill Simmons would say an "I'm Keith Hernandez" moment.

He even converted a ridiculously athletic alley-oop.

In all Kobe tallied 19 points in the quarter, but more importantly he never cut the Celtics lead which is indicative of Kobe's entire Lakers career.

I say Lakers career because I'm convinced Kobe will play in the NBA until he's 40 and be forced out of L.A. However, the Lakers won't be willing to pay him anymore after this contract and he'll end up putting in some years in some backwater city where they let a 38-year-old Kobe take 20 shots a game. 

Kobe has never been ...

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