NBA Finals 2010: Kobe Bryant Has Legacy, His Legend Will Grow

Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest players, shooting guards, clutch shooters, and scorers in the NBA's history

He has an impressive resume. He's the Lakers' all-time leader in scoring, has four titles, one Finals MVP, one MVP, two scoring titles, and a dozen All-NBA and All-NBA Defensive Team selections behind his name

He had superb potential coming out of high school, recognized by the Los Angeles Lakers legend and GM Jerry West. West made a move, trading Vlade Divac to get Kobe. He was picked at No. 13 of the one of the greatest draft classes in the league's history, 1996.

He didn't get starter minutes for some time, but when he got them, teamed up with the always dominant and outstanding Shaquille O'Neal, they won three championships rings together.

Clearly, O'Neal was the first option in all of those titles as he marked the Finals with all-time great performances. Kobe's production slowly grew and he become better player almost every year.

He did his own part to save the Lakers there as well, no one will forget that.

He was wearing No. 8 for some time before he decided to change into No. 24. He played at a high level in the period with Shaq. They were an almost unbeatable duo back then, who won just about 70 percent of their games. 

But as they went into the 2004 Finals against the less-daunting Pistons, they lost the series 4-1. Bryant was helpless against Tayshaun Prince, who had ways of stopping of No. 24.

Prince found ways to deal with the amazing leaping ability, speed, and crossover, thanks to the nice footwork, quickness, and work with the hands. He held Bryant close to 22 ppg with 38 percent FG, 3.8 TO, and 17 percent 3 pt.

The Bad Boys defense was excellent in their championship. Then, he and Shaq had an argument where at the end Kobe stayed in a gold uniform and O'Neal left.

Then, in the short period of a couple of years before ...

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