NBA Finals 2010: Boston Celtics’ Kendrick Perkins Out For Critical Game 7

Kendrick Perkins, the big man for Boston, is going to miss the biggest game of the season when the Celtics play Los Angeles tomorrow night for the NBA Title.

On Sunday night, I got into a discussion on why there aren't nearly as many knee injuries in the NBA compared to High School or College.

As a Celtics fan seeing that Perkins now has a torn MCL and PCL, it looks like that discussion was the kiss of death.

Do I think the Celtics can still win without Perkins?

Yes, but it certainly isn't going to come easy.  The Celtics are going to need significant contributions from Glen Davis and Rasheed Wallace.

Not to mention the senior leadership from Kevin Garnett.  If there was ever a game where Garnett could give it his all for forty full minutes this would be it.  Losing Perkins under these circumstances with this matchup is terrible to see.

"Physically, I'm in pain," Perkins said. "I hurt my knee pretty badly. I'm out for tomorrow. There's nothing I could do about it. It's a torn MCL and torn PCL, so I gotta watch from the sideline."

The moment that Perkins hit the deck I feared for the worst.  Whenever a player lands awkwardly on a leg like he did you know it never ends up good.

Perkins has struggled offensively during this series.  On the defensive side of the ball it has been a different story.  He has played a vital role in defending both Gasol and Bynum.  His size and strength is going to be missed in the low post tomorrow night.

It could be the deciding factor in the game.  Then again Boston understands going in that they will not have the service of Perkins, and they will prepare and be ready to take on the Lakers no matter how they try and attack the basket.

No doubt about it though, this is a huge blow for Boston.  You never want to see a team lose because of an injury, but this loss is going t...

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