NBA Fans In 2010: The Worst Arguments

At any given point in sports history, there will be differing opinions on all things sports. These arguments are prevalent in the NBA today, just as much as they were in previous decades. This article seeks to explore some of the worst arguments made by NBA fans today, presented in no particular order or ranking.

 These arguments come up all of the time when we discuss hoops with our friends and enemies, fathers and brothers, and anyone else who engages in following the NBA.

If you do not agree with my arguments, feel free to criticize them. If you wish to include annoying arguments that you hear from time to time, feel free to include them in the comments section below. I now present to you my compilation of the worst arguments made by NBA fans today!  


Note: The argument shown in this page's photo will not be addressed because it has been proven wrong, simple and plain.

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