NBA Dream Season Has Arrived for Commissioner David Stern

The NBA season gets underway tonight and while the story lines continue to grow, the aftermath of the greatest off-season ever continues to take front stage.

After-all this is what commissioner David Stern wanted. The NBA is about to become as popular as it once was with Michael Jordan. Let's not forget there was a time when the NBA was right on the heels of the NFL and while the NFL has exploded the NBA imploded.

The "super team" aspect has caused complete chaos as the joining of LeBron James, Dyane Wade, and Chris Bosh has caused a perfect storm on the shores of Miami.

While other teams continue to look for their three, the L.A. Lakers are still the two-time defending champions.

LeBron James has become a villain with an ego while Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder has become a savior and will look to push his team into the playoffs once again.

We may witness the end of the San Antonio Spurs big-three and Shaq could only find work in Boston, who still has their own dangerous trio.

Amare Stoudemire will look to rebuild the New York Knicks and we welcome two exciting rookies in Blake Griffin and John Wall to the NBA.

While the NBA continues to stack up the talent and join them together to make these "super teams" there is still one NBA team that is super, the L.A. Lakers.

There is still no argument that Kobe Bryant is one of the greats and still there is nobody better at this time in the NBA.

While everyone tries to compile talent, the Lakers remain the team to beat. They start the season receiving their rings and raising the championship banners—something the Heat can only wish to do.

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