NBA Draft: The Best and Worst White Players Selected in the Last 10 Drafts

The white NBA player and the black MLB player are similar in that they're both fading away from their respective sports.

White players in the NBA are in a different scenario, however. There is the increasing belief floating around the NBA which, in essence, says that white players are inferior.

Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash, Manu Ginobili and Pau Gasol -- all foreign-born players of European descent -- and Kevin Love, are All-Stars and some of the best players the NBA has to offer.

So why does the previously-stated notion remain?

It's because of the white players who turn out to be busts. Often they are ineffective players hyped by the media as something they're not.

Throughout this slideshow -- the best and worst white NBA players in each of the last 10 draft classes -- you will see examples of the good and the bad. The bad, as you can probably guess, greatly outweighs the good.

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