NBA Draft Combine Prospects LA Lakers Must Watch Most Closely

The Los Angeles Lakers’ 2014 offseason is still faced with the prominent question of what head coach will be hired to replace Mike D’Antoni. While that decision from general manager Mitch Kupchak has yet to be decided, management can bide its time by scouting key prospects during the NBA draft combine.

This summer’s draft will be huge for the Lakers’ future. They’re coming off the worst finish in franchise history (27-55) since the organization first moved to Los Angeles for the 1960-61 campaign.

Additionally, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash managed to play just 21 games combined in 2013-14 due to debilitating injuries. Those aging stars are two major pieces still under contract for next season. They’ll need to return to form for Lakerland to have any chance at competing for a playoff berth in the loaded Western Conference.

Finding a coach and building a new roster through free agency clouds L.A.’s basketball future, but its 2014 lottery pick remains the brightest silver lining.

The Lakers could easily find a difference-maker within the top 10 selections, but only if the front office does its homework and finds the right fit.


Dante Exum, PG, Australia

Australian prospect Dante Exum has been tied to the Lakers for quite some time leading up to the actual draft process.

According to B/R’s Jared Zwerling, Exum said the following in February about the prospect of playing for purple and gold:

Definitely L.A. is one option. I’ve been to L.A. many times and I love the city, and it is a great city. If I get the opportunity to go to L.A. and play for the Lakers, I know I’ll have love for the city. And their fans are loyal and they have the rivalry with the Clippers.

But just to be in an environment where you have a great player like Kobe, where you have a mentor in a way as a rookie...

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