NBA Conundrum: Are We In the Golden Age of the League? Kobe, Jordan Or Magic

Athletes are better today than yesterday, and they'll be even better tomorrow. Humans as a species get stronger, faster and better as time goes on. The NBA is no different; it is getting better as I type.

We have seen things in this decade that we could never have imagined in the 80s or 90s.

Now I am not going to sit here and argue with you that Michael, Magic and Bird weren’t All-Time NBA greats.

Michael Jordan is almost universally recognized as the greatest of All-Time and it is hard to argue. You also have to consider, however, the time period of his dominance.

When Magic and Bird were at the height of their game, they had to battle each other along with their consistent championship-caliber teams accounting for eight of the 10 championship rings won from 1980 to 1989. Those two players were way ahead of their time and were playing against a league that found it almost impossible to compete during their prime years. I find it hard to consider the 80s the golden age because of the lack of competition outside of those teams.

Jordan never had another player of his caliber with a team around him that could compete. There were no other dynasty-type teams during the 90s. Jordan’s Chicago Bulls beat five different teams en route to their six NBA titles, save the Utah Jazz twice. None of those teams had a player near Jordan’s talent level outside of Magic’s Lakers in the 90-91 season at the end of his career. Before their run, they had to meet a strong Pistons team with a player on Michael’s level, Isaiah Thomas, and it took them multiple years to finally get over that hump. Because of the lack of the consistent threat to Jordan’s Bulls, I find it hard to consider the 90s the golden age of basketball.

Here we are, living in the current era. Since the last Bulls championship there have been 11 NBA Championships. Notably, five by the Los Angeles Lakers and four by t...

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