NBA Combat: 20 Trap Games That Could Deny The Lakers Home-Court Advantage

All around the NBA teams are gearing up for training camps. However, of the 30 teams set to entertain fans, it can can possibly become the greatest season of this decade. Only one will enter the season with the distinguished title of “Champion.”

The Los Angeles Lakers are the 2010 NBA Champs, and return with nearly their entire roster intact.

With all the hoopla that arose from this 2010 offseason. Many want to try and turn the focuses of NBA fans on newer attractions, mainly the unpredictable one looming in Miami. Apparently most of the NBA community has taken offense with the team that the Miami organization has constructed.

With winning their second straight championship, and the Heat becoming the most hated team in the NBA, the Lakers are somehow America’s team of choice now. It’s amazing how quickly things can change, really shows the true character of the fans that support the sport.

The Media is putting the “Bull’s-eye” on the Heat’s back, once again creating their own criteria for a championship contender.

At the beginning of the 2008-2009 season the Celtics were the reigning champs, and rightfully carried the honor and burden that came with being a champion. The same rule was applied with the Lakers entering this past 2009-2010 season. They earned their title and with it all the pressures of defending it…and defend it they did.

So I asked myself, “why all the spinoffs from the truth?”

Is a team of unknown and possibility better the proven product? Or is it all just a ploy to calculate on the decisions that were made this past offseason?

Can the Miami Heat and its trio of stars capture it all, sure they can? That isn’t the question that needs to be addressed. What needs to be asked is are they a better team than the defending champions. And the answer is an emphatic no.

The Lakers...

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