NBA Camp: Why The Miami Heat Are The Best Thing to Happen To The LA Lakers

All’s quiet on the Western Front. I’m serious. You could almost hear a pin drop on the west coast as The Los Angeles Lakers started training camp this week. No buzz. No swarm. No hordes. Quiet. Nothing but quiet.

This is one of the most unusual title defense starts in NBA history, possibly in all of sport. The two-time, defending champs have embarked on a three-peat and no one is talking about it.

For their legendary coach, he begins a mind-boggling attempt for a fourth, yes a fourth, three-peat. The press loves to say how hard a title defense can be. But Phil Jackson has done it not two times in a row but three-peated three previous times. He seems to make everything effortless.

But this year begins with the Lakers as underdogs. Please, tell me, when has another champ, winners of two in a row, not been the favorite?

Las Vegas bookmakers, even so-called NBA experts in the media, have labeled the Miami Heat as the chosen team to win the title next June. At seven to five odds, the experts think the Heat are better than a two to one bet on a roulette wheel.


Without going into the Heat versus the Lakers, my point is this. The Heat are the best things to happen to the Lakers. You couldn’t have dreamed up a better scenario.


And, I’ll give you two main reasons.



The number one enemy of a champion attempting to repeat is desire. This has been the downfall of a laundry list of great champions, great teams. They lose focus, lose their fire, their “eye of the tiger,” so to speak, disappears.

Whether they admit it or not, the Lakers entered this season with the risk of complacency looming. Yes, PJ would coach against it, he knows how to spark, how to motivate, how to pace. He knows how to milk and incite. But, he’d have to really dig into his head games ...

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