NBA 2011 Playoffs: Why Game 1 Hiccup Will Not Cost Kobe Bryant a Three-Peat

Was the world shocked that the Los Angeles Lakers did not come out in Game 1 with enough ammo to stop Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets? Of course.

According to the universe, the Lakers should go unbeaten in the regular season as well as the postseason. While yesterday's loss puts the Lakers in a hole, there is no struggle that they cannot conquer because they are just at that level of superiority.

Sorry to let everyone know, but there is not a team in the NBA that is infallible, including the purple and gold. Kobe Bryant can attempt to carry his team through the trenches as much as he pleases, but you must understand that one man cannot win a game.

He may be the leading scorer for more than 90 percent of the Lakers' games, however there needs to be a valuable effort from everyone else on the floor in order for his points to not be in vain. At the end of the day, 34 points means nothing if your team doesn't win.

The Lakers are not worried nor are they shocked about what happened yesterday afternoon against the Hornets.

Many fans may have suspected that the Lakers would have come out of the gate doubting the potential of New Orleans, but I assure you they did not. That would be an extreme misstep for Phil Jackson and the rest of the organization as a whole.

Pau Gasol knows that his performance was lacking. It was "on the back of a milk carton" missing. He was only 2-of-9 shooting and Kobe candidly spoke about the turn that Gasol needed to take in order for the Lakers to win the series.

Bryant also spoke earlier in the season about the transformation that Gasol needed to make. The very next game, Gasol's increased aggressiveness was evident.

There is nothing wrong with the Lakers that you haven't already seen in the regular season.

Kobe Bryant takes charge while the rest of the team slacks off.  He speaks up about how poorly the team played and they re...

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