Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers: Poetry Through Basketball

I have a feeling that Miami Heat fans might like this article as much as they did Thursday Night's game. 

I also have a feeling that Heat haters will either hate this article or just ignore it.

Either way, sweet victory for the Heat, so much so that I'm inspired to even egg on Lakers fans.

Now, I don't mean anything malicious by this—it's just sports. There would have been plenty of Lakers fans boasting in similar ways if the results were the reverse.

However, let's just have some fun, because in the end, sports are supposed to be fun, right?

So, instead of your typical game recap, some poetry.

I don't have skills in rhyme like Lil Wayne, or big Lakers fan big Snoop Dogg,
But watching Thursday's game was sweet, so I'll try to be like them and write a song.

The fans all overheated, as Miami's Big Three took the court.
They all thought the Lakers would defeat them, and knock them all out of sort.

But the Heat had other plans, they knew they had to prove their mettle,
For unlike the past five games, they knew that jump shots they could not settle. 

It was close the entire game, no one could hold a lead bigger than six,
With Kobe, Bosh, Gasol and LeBron all attacking the rim like crack addicts looking for their next fix.

The five game losing streak was tough, especially due to the quality of opponents and quantity of their leads,
But hopefully a win over the mighty champs from the west can be enough to plant the seeds.

Seeds of redemption similar to the Green Bay Packers', who last season had their late game struggles,
But when it mattered most, it was with them that the Lombardi Trophy would ultimately snuggle.

As for the haters, where are they now, after the last few of weeks of talk,
I guess I just forgot that after a big Heat win, they all just up and take a walk.

Where was the ...

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