Miami Heat Still Have To Dethrone the L.A. Lakers

As the 2010 free agency hype calms down, the clear front-runner and newly crowned favorites of 2011 are the Miami Heat.

Miami cashed out. They obtained Chris Bosh, LeBron James to go with Dwyane Wade—all undeniable playmakers that request special attention on the court.

I implore that we further examine the Heat roster and analyze their chances at capitalizing in June.

Besides the self-titled “greatest trio in NBA history,” the Miami Heat recently acquired sharpshooter Mike Miller and reliable veteran Zydrunas Ilgauskas (who similarly turned his back on 14 years of Cleveland love, a town that even made him a 2-time All-Star).

Other names on the roster include the “menacing” point guard tandem of Mario Chalmers and Rafer “Skip to my Lou” Alston, James Jones, as well as the Miami favorite, Udonis Haslem.

With the Miami roster almost set in stone and a solid starting five (Chalmers, Wade, James, Haslem, Bosh), the speculation of whether or not the Heat can come together and win a championship begins.

For Miami to even come close to winning an NBA championship, they must first make it out of a newly rejuvenated Eastern Conference.

The Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, and Chicago Bulls are all teams that can come together, play hard-nose basketball, and have a legitimate chance at dethroning the three Kings.

Let’s assume this new dynasty finds a way to come out of the Eastern Conference unscathed and ready for the best of the West.

For three years now, the Lakers have taken the Western Conference crown.

I see no reason why they can’t do so again.

The Lakers are a playoff-proven team. They have found a way to perform in the direst of circumstances.

Let’s begin looking at match-ups.


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