Miami Heat or Los Angeles Lakers: The NBA’s Best Opening Week Games

In less than 24 hours weekday television will be returned to glory. 

No, not because Glee is doing its Halloween episode. In fact, that's the boob tube's biggest curse.

It's because the NBA is back.

Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade lead the two championship favorites into a season more hyped than any in the past decade. Huge trades, big signings and two revamped conferences highlight what can only be described as must-see TV.

Oh, and a couple hours of Charles Barkley. Score.

Many NBA fans will be glued to their La-Z-Boys with an IV drip of Cheetos starting Tuesday night and rightfully so. With all the drama of the offseason, the first week will be the most exciting thing since sliced bread.

Nay, I'll go even further—bread in general.

The NBA kicks off its first week of action with some stellar matchups, but which games are most worthy of gracing televisions across the country?

Here's your personal TV guide.

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Note: Not all games are on national television, but a real NBA fan will find a way to see them all.

It's called the Internet.

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