Metta World Peace: What to Expect from Lakers Star on Conan Tonight

For those living under a rock, suspended NBA forward Metta World Peace will be on Conan O’Brien’s Show Monday, May 7 at 11:00 p.m. ET on TBS.

The Los Angeles Lakes star is currently suspended for elbowing Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden in the head. World Peace was suspended seven games for the incident and is eligible to return in LA’s seventh playoff game.

With all the talk about his recent trouble in the NBA and his name change, the erratic superstar will be a guest who you just can’t miss. If this segment is half as wild as World Peace, this will make for amazing television.

So what should we expect? Let your madness run with Conan’s!



If you like sheer silliness, then Conan O’Brien’s show is one of the best on TV. The late-night host has his own style and brings a unique brand of funny to the boring at times to the genre.

Add the unpredictable Metta World Peace and there's bound to be hilarity. We can’t forget how much fun the Jimmy Kimmel Show had at the expense of the Lakers forward.

The show’s producers will be able to convince World Peace to be in a funny skit I’m sure, but just what they have up their sleeve is anyone’s guess.


Serious Questions?

As much as I love Conan, there's no such thing as hardball questions being lobbed at guests from behind that desk. It will be interesting to see how much the show talks about the suspension and how the team is doing without him.

World Peace is as outspoken as they come, so baiting him into saying things about the suspension or the Lakers wouldn’t be difficult. The only question is will Conan press the issues at all or just keep it all very upbeat. I actually prefer the latter.

Let ESPN and the other sports news outlets take care of that; I tune into Conan to see ...

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