Metta World Peace to Flex His Acting Skills on Comedy Central’s ‘Key and Peele’

Metta World Peace is finally putting together some offseason activities to keep him from messing with us on Twitter: He's hanging out on the set of Key and Peele, getting ready to show off his comedy skills.

World Peace has spent much of the offseason living on Twitter, going as far as giving off hints that he would be leaving the Los Angeles Lakers and telling his followers about a reality show that he would be making with Terrell Owens, which turned out to be a ruse as well.

So, when he tweeted out a picture of himself getting ready to film a sketch with Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key, we knew the afternoon wouldn't be full of a bunch of bull from Metta.

A short while later, a few messages came out from Key and Peele themselves that gave us an insight into what World Peace was doing on the show.

World Peace was sitting at a desk in a suit as an anchor of Metta World News, something he does have a bit of experience with.

If you recall, World Peace has done guest appearances to do the weather in both Los Angeles and in Vancouver, so he's been on a television news set before. 

However, this is a huge step up for the puzzling Lakers forward. He's gone from a guest spot doing weather at a local station to being a fake nationwide news anchor.

Perhaps best of all, Comedy Central sent out a Vine that was nothing but World Peace screaming. I'm unnaturally excited to see where this leads.

Currently, Key and Peele is going through their summer offseason, just like the Lakers, so the show they were recording with World Peace should be airing this fall once the third season comes around.

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