Memo To Lakers Fans: Give LA-Boston Dream Final A Rest, Focus on Phoenix

Attention Los Angeles Lakers fans!

Quit thinking, talking, and focusing on the Boston Celtics.

The NBA Finals aren’t here yet. Remember where you are. In the Western Conference finals playing a real team. This isn’t NBA Live. The Phoenix Suns are a real opponent, not to be underestimated or looked past.  

Sure, we'd all love, and can’t wait for a Finals matchup with Boston—that is a slice of NBA heaven. But dream scenarios can wait. They'll have to. 

Lakers fans are guilty of spreading this wish, brushing off Phoenix like a fly. But this Boston dream has turned viral, and it's everywhere.

I can’t turn on anything, watch anything, nor read anything, and NOT see something about a potential Lakers vs. Celtics Finals. The only team holding up their end of the bargain so far are the Celtics, who are poised to sweep Orlando from the Eastern Conference finals tonight.

Meanwhile, the Lakers' loss to the Suns Sunday night changes everything.

No one can deny the two games in LA showed the Lakers' prowess. The Lakers will win this series, but only if they focus. And, that goes for LA’s fans as well, who can't take the Lakers' current 2-1 lead in the best-of-seven series for granted.

Just like in a real game, the sixth man has influence. And, in a world where thoughts turn into reality, fans need to keep their mind on the ball, which is Phoenix.

Don’t think this is true? Well, Phil Jackson wasn’t upset the day of Game Three at Andrew Bynum for no reason. Did anyone catch Jackson’s quote regarding Bynum’s comment of a potential LA-Boston Finals?  

"There's a moment we'll call a brain cramp in our business. He [Bynum] wasn't thinking very clearly right there,” Jackson said.

See how the virus grows?

Let’s get back to what’s right in front of the La...

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