Mayweather-Pacquiao Update: Bob Arum Gives Floyd Mayweather the Final Deadline

The mega-fight between two of the worlds greatest fighters has been in a whirlwind of negotiations lately. If you haven't heard about it, maybe you have been sleeping under a rock. A very huge rock.

Or maybe a small planet.

The negotiations took another turn these past few days. Floyd Mayweather has until Monday, Jan. 4 to come to terms with his demands, Bob Arum told Sports Illustrated.

Pacquiao has already ready agreed to take unlimited urine tests up until the fight, but he refuses to take any blood tests after the month of January and no more than two blood tests before the proposed March 13th Showdown with Mayweather.

Manny has never tested positive for any type of drug testing. But Mayweather wants Olympic style testing on the Filipino star.

Arum plans to go to the Nevada Athletic Commission on Jan. 19 to see if the blood tests would be necessary.

"This is unprecedented," Arum stated to Sports Illustrated. "Our expert says blood tests are ridiculous. But we will let the commission decide."

Arum then began with talks of the potential bout with Paulie Malignaggi. Stating that he would arrange for Malignaggi to take Mayweather's place, if Mayweather continues to proceed with his blood testing hold-out.

Arum placed the final deadline for Monday. He hopes that the Nevada Athletic Commission would rule in his favor, because they only require urine samples before and after each fight. The tests checks for 40 different types of steroids and other agents.

Arum feels that Mayweather is using these steroid allegations because he "knows Manny's phobia for giving blood, and he's using that to get out of the fight. Too bad." Arum said.

Arum was asked if he felt that the fight will still happen, and he replied "I don't know."


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