Matt Barnes Tells Clippers to Cool It: How Should Lob City Respond?

The Los Angeles Lakers are facing the possibility of becoming the town's second-best team to the Los Angeles Clippers, a situation quite unfamiliar to the purple and gold, and Lakers forward Matt Barnes doesn't like all the showboating the "Lob City" Clippers are displaying. 

"They act like they won the dunk contest after every dunk," Barnes said. "So, as players, people aren't going to tolerate that."

Barnes has a point. All the excitement after routine dunks is completely unnecessary, especially when these players have won nothing in their careers, except Caron Butler and Chauncey Billups.

Matt Barnes isn't exactly qualified to call out superstar players, but you cannot ignore the fact his comments are spot on.

Barnes also has a problem with Clippers all-star Blake Griffin, saying that the talented forward flops too much.

"He's an amazing athlete and an amazing player but he does flop a lot," Barnes said. "You're too big and too strong to be doing that. Then he wants to talk.

"... He's a special athlete. Probably one of the best athletes I've ever seen, but all the flopping is unnecessary. That's the way he plays and it works too, they call it, so you can't be mad at him for it."

Barnes was also upset over a flagrant foul called in the two team's game on Wednesday night, when he gave Griffin a bit of a shove and was called for a flagrant foul.

Here is the play for those of you who haven't seen it.

Barnes does shove Griffin someone as big as Blake should be thrown to the ground that easily from a soft shove.

"I looked at [the replay] and yeah, my arms did get extended but [Griffin] flailed everywhere like I threw him to half-court," Barnes said. "I just think the refs are so quick to judge. Even after looking at the replay, I heard initially they wanted to call a flagrant 2 and I'm just like, 'Are you kidding ...

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