Matt Barnes Is Now an Official Cast Member of the L.A. Lakers Reality Show

Maybe MTV or VH1 should explore the possibility of creating a reality show starring members of the Los Angeles Lakers, because the venture would definitely be must-see TV.

The Lakers, with their multitude of quirky personalities and eccentricities, are a perfect fit for Hollywood, and all the glamour and celebrity excesses the concept entails.

Derek Fisher, who may qualify as the only legally sane veteran member of the Lakers' roster, must get a kick out of watching his teammates consistently find new ways to create headlines.

Star guard Kobe Bryant, who is no stranger to the media spotlight, may be the most polarizing athlete in the world of sports and is always a story just waiting to happen.

Pau Gasol may literally be a genius when it comes to intelligence, but he also has some of the weird tendencies that are usually found in people who are super-smart.

Ron Artest has had so many "what-the-hell-was-that" moments that he may qualify for a reality show of his own.

Lamar Odom, who is usually one of the more reserved and low-key members of the Lakers, shattered that perception by marrying one of the very public Kardashian sisters.

Center Andrew Bynum has battled emotional insecurities, knee injuries, and the desire to be a porn star, as past pictures with Playboy models would suggest.

And reserve guard Shannon Brown recently dumped his girlfriend of many years in favor of a more high-profile relationship with R&B singer Monica.

Presiding over all of this is the Zen Master himself, Lakers' coach Phil Jackson, whose own quirky nature and tongue-in-cheek interviews make him a Los Angeles beat writer's dream.

Throw in newcomer Matt Barnes's alleged domestic violence charge, and you have the beginnings of a show that Hollywood could not have scripted any better.

In Barnes's defense, his girlfriend has said that no instanc...

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