Los Angeles Lakers Win Once Again at Home in Staples Center

The Lakers are undefeated at home this year in the playoffs due to their game plan and energy. Utah Jazz simply didn't have enough talent to win this series.

The Jazz have three youngsters who aren't used to starting and have no playoff experience: C.J. Miles who is a decent perimeter player, Wesley Matthews who has good work ethic, and Kyrylo Fesenko who cleans the glass well.

The Lakers looked really comfortable and controlled the game by using their size. Pau Gasol is playing at his best, he is hitting his fadeaway, hitting his free throws and running the floor. Pau scored 25 points and had 12 rebounds. Jerry Sloan said before the series started that the Lakers were going to be tough and that the Jazz wouldn't match well against the Lakers' height. This was proved in Game One. Derek Fisher played the most minutes out of any Lakers' players. He made a game-changing decision in the third quarter to take the Lakers to a 10-point lead. Ron Artest looked out of sync on offense, he shot six from 32 from three in Round One. He said he wasn't worried about his offense because his defense has been so unbelievable. Ron should post up more instead of spotting up for threes, because his offense is terrible. Kobe Bryant looked like his old self as he is starting to hit his jumper, shooting 12 from 19 in Game One. He looks quicker and also has been facilitating throughout the playoffs. The Black Mamba closed out Game One brilliantly, hitting a tough one to take the lead 94-93. Kobe scored 11 out of his 31 points in the fourth quarter. The Lakers can't afford to fall asleep when they are leading, which they have often done throughout the 2010 playoffs. First round Game Six in the fourth quarter at Oklahoma, the Lakers were up 91-84 but then collapsed. The Thunder went on a 10-0 run due too the Lakers thinking they had the game in the bag. Things like that can't happen if the want to win the championship. The Lakers are 44-1 when they win their first g...

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