Los Angeles Lakers: Why Trading for Dwight Howard Is a Bad Move

Trading for Dwight Howard simply isn't worth it for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Throughout the entire 2011-12 NBA season, the Orlando Magic and Lakers have been linked with speculation of Howard shipping west.

It hasn't happened yet and it shouldn't happen at all.

The entire situation has been a headache for the Lakers. One they should just walk away from.

Here's why.


Magic ownership is difficult to work with

Howard is justifiably one of the biggest names and best players in the NBA. But his current employer seems unwilling to part with him.

At the beginning of the season, though Howard made it clear he wanted out, management held firm.

Whether it's stubbornness or fear of fan backlash, owner Richard DeVos Sr. claims the reservation over trading the superstar center has nothing to do with the former dealing of Shaquille O'Neal.

"I don't want to trade him," DeVos said. A blunt answer, it still doesn't provide much reason for the hesitation.

But if Howard wants to leave, has no intention to resign and the team could get something special in return, why not pull the trigger on a move?

The Magic could have already gotten a package revolved around Andrew Bynum but rejected it. Losing Howard in the offseason nets the Magic nothing.

DeVos is making decisions based on his feelings rather than what is best for the franchise.

Lakers management shouldn't even bother anymore with Magic ownership. The likelihood of getting anywhere dealing with such childish behavior just isn't likely.


Dwight's just as stubborn

First he wants to leave the franchise. Then in typical player-demanding-trade fashion, he backed off the statements.

Then in January amid continued speculation, Howard has "no thought" on trades. Really Dwight? N...

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