Los Angeles Lakers: Why Pau Gasol, Not Kobe Bryant, Has Been the Team’s MVP

After reading that Pau Gasol has eclipsed Kobe Bryant as the Los Angeles Lakers' most valuable player, you might say one of three things:

1) "I totally agree, no argument there!"

2) "Ross, you should be thrown out of the highest window possible, and land in the Republican Caucus for such blasphemies."

3) "Huh?"

If you fall into category two, it's extremely weird that you know my one phobia. If you fall in categories one or three, then this article is for you.

Pau Gasol came to Tinseltown on February 1, 2008, in what may be the most lopsided trade in NBA history and has changed the complexion of the league. Since his arrival, the Lakers have reached three straight NBA Finals, winning the last two.

Seems pretty valuable to me. But more valuable than the Mamba?

The Interwebs are alive with MVP talk, even though it's only a couple weeks into the season, and many an analyst has the Big Spaniard near the top. While he may not be the NBA's MVP at this point, he certainly has the edge for Los Angeles.

Yes, that includes the Clippers. 

But how did it get this way? The four "Y's," my friend.

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