Los Angeles Lakers: What it Will Take to Succeed Next Season

No one can deny that the Lakers had an amazing season this year. Not only did they have a winning regular season, but they also won an NBA championship for the second year in a row. Now that last season has passed, the focus of the Lakers is on how to secure another successful regular season and possibly another championship for L.A. There are several measures the Lakers will need to take to ensure that they not only win most of their games in the next regular season, but to also get themselves to the next NBA championship finals. These steps included keeping this year’s team together, recruiting new talented players from the NBA free agency talks, picking up several good rookie and veteran players from the draft and not getting too cocky about the fact that they won an NBA championship two years in a row. If the Lakers can follow these four easy steps for securing the talent of the L.A team, they will be well on their way to securing victory for themselves in the upcoming season. Begin Slideshow


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