Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Houston Rockets: A Preview in Retrospect


By Daniel Yi

And so the season starts. The double header last night left me with a brain freeze that I was not prepared for. Too much excitement in one day after such a long period of bland internet press.

Suddenly my Facebook home-feed was overloaded with updates from Laker fans ironically cheering for the Celtics, as a new rivalry reared its ugly head in the form of a three-headed monster in Miami. I, too, could not help but update with a status of my own: “This is the ONLY time you’ll ever hear me say it but GO CELTICS!”

For the first time in three years, I cussed more watching the Celtics game than I did during the Lakers matchup against the Rockets. Maybe it was the emotional ring ceremony, as the members of the team introduced each other in a familial setting for the first time, but I was eerily at peace. 

The game started off with what appeared to be another season full of holes. What was supposed to be the solution to our infamous swiss cheese defense allowed for an embarrassing 62 points in the first half, a feat Phil Jackson would most disapprove of.

Ron Artest’s shooting made me cringe with his every possession and Kobe still hadn’t fully recovered from his injury. But this is the two-time back-to-back Champions. Despite all the doubts surrounding Fisher in regular season, the health of Bynum and Kobe in the playoffs, and even the questionable Ron Artest in the triangle offense, they still clinched the seventh game against Celtics to bring home the trophy.

Last night was no different. The myriad of questions regarding Kobe’s health led many to believe that his production values could be drastically lower this year. I dared to draft him as my No. 1 pick in fantasy, and he pulled through with 27 points and seven assists in spite of his rough shooting night.

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