Los Angeles Lakers Trade Rumors: What Could Andrew Bynum Net L.A. in a Trade?

As Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers find themselves at the start of this new year floundering like some great ship lost on the ocean, the question has to be asked: Is it time to consider trading center Andrew Bynum? More importantly, what could he bring in return?

While most consider it premature to pull the entire rip cord on the dream of Drew as the Lakers center of the future, there does come a time to at least look and assess what is out there and what he could net.

Listen, there is no doubt a healthy Drew puts the Lakers over the top against all contenders. I’ve always been a huge Bynum proponent, and felt that his mere presence makes the Lakers better.

But will he ever be truly healthy? And, will he ever play an entire season? 

Or, does he go down the path of a Bill Walton, Yao Ming or dare I say, Greg Oden, where we are teased forever by only the potential of this big?

And, how long do we keep waiting, keep hoping, rather than cash in the chips and start fresh?

But, can the Lakers even come close to equal value? Is it worth trading such a tall player and not get size in return?

These are all massive questions in Lakerland.

No matter what, the team is struggling, and as the trade deadline in February approaches, the question remains: Will Laker management stay the current path or make a serious course correction?

While you might already be kicking and screaming at the computer screen, there are actually some real possibilities for a trade. I kid you not. 

Look, not all of the potential scenarios I’m going to throw your way are complete fantasy or only conjecture. But, I will admit, a few are stretches. Some pretty good, big-time ones, actually. Anyway, we can be serious and still have some fun.

Lastly, I'm only going to keep this general. I'm not going to go into trade details and specifics, matching up t...

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