Los Angeles Lakers Trade Rumors: The Five Best Trade Chips The Team Can Use

The world is buzzing after Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak commented that they might be looking to make a trade. Exactly whom would be traded for whom wasn't stated, and that's what all the curiosity is about. Now Ron Artest supposedly wants to be traded. 

The problem is no one is going to take Artest. Why would they? That doesn't mean a trade is impossible though. It's just going to be very hard. 

A big part of the problem is trying figure out who the Lakers could realistically trade. There are some players--almost everyone really--that seem to be cost prohibitive. That's not to say there aren't possibilities.

Bear in mind these are entirely hypothetical and most are fairly far-fetched, but that's the position that the Lakers are in.

The following hypothetical trades are the least far-fetched...

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