Los Angeles Lakers Trade Rumors: 10 Deals That Will Get Them Back to NBA Finals

The trade rumor madness surrounding Kobe Bryant and his Los Angeles Lakers has reached a crescendo. We’re talking Mount Everest in the build up, the fantasy, the rumors. 

It’s understandable. The doom and gloom that is the press attention to the Los Angeles Lakers continues to boil over after Kobe Bryant and company keep losing to the elite teams in the NBA like the Boston Celtics and San Antonio Spurs.

Everyone’s calling for change. And, from the legit to the outrageous, it seems like everyone’s got a plan to fix LA, from the so-called experts to the diehard fans to the downright dreamers.

The biggest jokes of all are all these trade rumors having any legitimacy of happening. People forget little things like the salary cap, the other team even wanting what LA is offering, etc.

The list of phantom and fantasy trades that LA can make to bring in that new star and make everything different keeps growing.

So, I wanted to make this list the final, end all, be all, LA trade rumor list. We’ll take a look at fantasies, outside chances, the possible maybe department and end with some cold-hearted reality.

That’s right. Isn’t it time for a little reality in all this trade rumor madness?

Here are the 10 trades that could possibly fix LA and get them back to the NBA Finals next June.

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