Los Angeles Lakers: Top 5 Ways to Spot a Kobe Bryant Fanatic

About a month ago, I wrote an article entitled The Top Five Ways to Spot a Kobe Bryant Hater, and needless to say the topic generated quite a bit of discussion.

Several readers suggested that I should do another piece that shows the opposite end of the spectrum, and it's only fair to acknowledge the merits of their comments.

Just as there are people who refuse to accept the fact that Bryant is a great player under any circumstances, another faction exists who refuses to admit that Bryant's resume does include some flaws.

These people have earned the name of "Kobe Bryant fanatics," or "fan-boys" to be more direct, and you can find this crowd dispersed through message boards across the web.

The term has even been applied to me as well, and although I will defend Bryant's legacy to the end, there are even a few lines I will not cross.

And those lines are the ones that separate the observers who truly appreciate Bryant's talent from those who could have a low-grade man-crush on the Lakers star.

Chances are you have engaged one of these people in a conversation concerning Bryant, and the experience probably taught you to proceed with caution when discussing Bryant in the future.

Because there is a certain group of people who who seem incapable of acknowledging that Bryant has any flaws at all, and I have compiled a list of the top five ways to spot them.

Please feel free to comment and let me know if there are some other ways to spot the Kobe fan-boys that I may have missed. Enjoy! 

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