Los Angeles Lakers’ Time To Panic? Overdramatic Trades That Might Just Work

The Los Angeles Lakers are in a major slump right now and the entire sports-world is wondering why?

The logic doesn't really add up, if you take the 2010 NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers roster add Steve Blake, Matt Barnes, and Theo Ratliff, the result shouldn't be a struggling squad being blown out at home by sub-par teams.

Was the loss of Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic really that devastating? 

I think the Lakers are going through 'Focker' syndrome.

Let me explain.

The first Meet The Parents, the original, was an awesome movie and the sequel Meet the Fockers was even funnier. They took a winning cast filled with names like Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Robert De Niro and then added into the mix the legendary Dustin Hoffman and the surprisingly funny Barbra Streisand for the sequel. The Lakers were the same way.

The 2009-2010 team with the addition of Ron Artest was better than the original championship squad and there is no way the 2008-2009 team would have beaten the '10 Celtics in a series. 

But then came the third installment to the franchise; Little Fockers. The addition of Jessica Alba to the cast seemed like it should carry the third movie into the same level of greatness, possibly more than the preceding two movies. This was the Steve Blake, Matt Barnes type of addition, but somehow it didn't pan out.

RottenTomatoes.com has given Little Fockers a 10%. To put things in perspective Gigli received a 7% and even Gulliver's Travels reached the 22% mark. 

Sometimes a winning cast, or in the Lakers case, roster doesn't add up to wins on the court even if they have won championships before. Los Angeles is right in the center of the overly dramatic Hollywood and maybe now is the time to pull off some equally overly dramatic trades. 

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