Los Angeles Lakers: The Top 5 Centers in Franchise History

With the recent acquisition of Dwight Howard, the Lakers have added another dominant center to their illustrious list of magnificent big men over the decades.

All of the best big men in Lakers' history have, at one point in each of their careers, been considered one of the top centers in the league during their respective primes.

However, the one thing that makes the list of dominant centers who have graced a Lakers squad special is that all the big men that are worth anything in the annals of Lakers history have aided in bringing championships to the franchise. In fact, the very best centers in the league are known for not just winning titles, but leading the teams they played on to those titles, and the Lakers have produced and cultivated multiple of these.

There is no franchise in the league's history with as a large collection of dominant, championship-winning big men as the Lakers. In fact, at least four of the centers that have played for the Lakers, and who grace this list, are Hall of Fame caliber players.

The following five centers all fit at least two of the following criteria:

Won at least one championship with the franchise. Considered one of the top centers in the league during their tenure with the Lakers. Awarded a regular season MVP award. Begin Slideshow


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