Los Angeles Lakers Should Covet Chris Duhon in Potential Dwight Howard Trade

With rumors swirling that Dwight Howard might be headed to Los Angeles, the Magic big man shouldn't be the only player Lakers fans should want from Orlando.

Chris Duhon has been a quality back-up point guard his entire career. Last year he shot 42 percent from beyond the arc and 81 percent from the line. Not only is Duhon a very good shooter but he's a good facilitator too. The former Duke point guard has averaged 4.6 assists per game in his career.

With Derek Fisher and Ramon Sessions no longer with the team, the Lakers need an upgrade at back-up point guard. Steve Blake may have averaged more points per game than Duhon last year, but he did it in more minutes and is an extremely streaky player. 

Los Angeles will need a player they can rely on when Steve Nash needs a breather, which is why Duhon is a better fit than Blake. Blake could immediately hit two threes when he enters the game, but he's just as likely to shoot the Lakers out of the game.

Fortunately, Orlando will be willing to give up Duhon because of his contract. He is scheduled to make just under $4 million the next two years so they might be interested in Josh McRobert's expiring contract in return. 

Duhon might not be as exciting as Blake, but he is more consistent. The Lakers need a back-up point guard they can count on, which is why Chris Duhon should be asked for in any potential Dwight Howard trade. 

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