Los Angeles Lakers: San Antonio Spurs Can’t Stop Them With Healthy Andrew Bynum

The San Antonio Spurs currently have six less losses than the Lakers, and these early signs have some people thinking that if the Lakers and Spurs were to square off in the playoffs, that the Spurs would come out victorious.

Now let me tell you why nothing could be further from the truth, and it all hinges on the health of Andrew Bynum.

The Spurs have taken great steps to get themselves back in the championship hunt lately, and their efforts have paid of thus far. They injected youth into their squad with Gary Neal, Richard Jefferson is finally playing like the man they signed two summers ago, and Manu Ginobli is putting up near MVP quality numbers.

Duncan's numbers have fallen pretty dramatically this season (-5ppg) (-2rpg), but this dip has been over-ridden by the stellar play of his fellow starters. Tony Parker has played remarkably well also, when you think about all the controversy that has surrounded both himself, and his teammates.

The result of all these factors and developments has the Spurs atop the West, looking like the number one option to dethrone the Western champ's, The Los Angeles Lakers. The Spurs and Lakers have had some memorable meetings in the past, and they seem to be on a collision course toward another one this post season. The question that keeps running through my head is;

Is this fools gold, or do the Spurs really have a chance to advance to the Finals if the Lakers stand in their way? Take a minute to think about it while we quickly look at the starters, and how they match up.

Derek Fisher

Kobe Bryant>Manu Ginobli

Ron Artest=Richard Jefferson

Pau Gasol>Tim Duncan

Andrew Bynum>Dejuan Blair


Parker over Fish is kind of a given. He'll run circles around D-Fish, even if Fish can hit the clutch shots. Manu is having a great season, but Kobe can still bury him any night he cho...

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