Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: LA Has Nothing to Lose in Acquiring Raymond Felton

If the Los Angeles Lakers are being given a chance to make the point guard position better without giving up Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol, or a draft pick, they need to pull the trigger on that move before waking up. 

Fortunately for Lakers' fans, Chris Haynes of CSNNW.com wrote that Los Angeles and Portland are in talks about a trade that would do just that, bringing in Raymond Felton for Blake. 

A league source has informed CSNNW.com that the Los Angeles Lakers and the Portland Trail Blazers have had “exploratory talks” regarding Trail Blazers' guard Raymond Felton.

According to the source, talks have been ongoing for weeks and it is likely to involve Lakers' guard Steve Blake in the deal.

Granted, that doesn't say Blake for Felton straight up, but in no way could the Blazers be looking for Bynum, Gasol, or a pick to even that trade up. That would be way out of order. So, thinking about some of the reasonable "even-up" options that exist on the Lakers' roster.

There isn't one that would be a deal-breaker for Los Angeles. Actually, in many cases, we'd be talking about a player they should be clamoring to unload, especially for a nice addition like Felton.

Remember, he has a career average of over 13 points and nearly seven assists. A season ago, he was bringing in more than 17 points and nine assists a game before being moved from the Knicks to the Nuggets. 

Felton has been a full-time starter and been a real star in his past. Blake doesn't have anywhere near that resume, and is also four years older. 

If nothing else, look at the potential of the two players and the advantage of making the team younger that would come with Felton. No, he certainly wouldn't guarantee the Lakers a title this year, but he would put them in better position in future seasons. 

Even a struggling Felton is better than either Blake or Derek Fish...

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