Los Angeles Lakers: Predicting How Kobe Bryant and Co. Will Fare in January

The marathon known as the 2010-2011 NBA season continues into the new year. With the way the Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers performed in December, the question has to be asked: How will they fare in 2011?

And, is this team real or imposter's, simply look-a-likes of the true Lakers?

So, will the Lakers continue their up and down ways? Or, will they right their ship and go on a long winning streak?

The road doesn’t get any easier in the new year. The only saving grace is that the Lakers have played more games on the road to start the season than nearly every other team in the league. This fact results in a nice streak of home games for Los Angeles.

For the Lakers, the only month that truly matters is June. But January will be a proving ground, or a re-proving ground. It will be a time for LA to re-establish their dominance and remind everyone that they are the two-time defending champs.

I had predicted the outcome of the Lakers’ December games at 13-2. As it stands now, on December 29th, after the loss last night in San Antonio, the Lakers’ record sits at 8-5, with two games left to close out the year against New Orleans and Philadelphia.

So, while I was dead on with the win/loss predictions for the month of November, I’ve slipped badly in December. 

Actually, the Lakers slipped. Hopefully, not only do I redeem myself in January, but so do the Lakers.

Here are each of the Lakers’ games in January, key factors of each contest, and the predicted outcome.  

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