Los Angeles Lakers: Power Ranking Top 10 Greatest Moments in Franchise History

With the start of a new NBA season nearly upon us, you have to ponder what new moments, memories will come from the 2010-2011 season for Los Angeles Laker fans. What game, play, event or player will transcend the normal and enter the pantheon of other great Laker moments?

For a NBA franchise that has won 16 titles, been the leagues marquee team for over 30 years, and sent what feels like a football team roster to the NBA Hall of Fame, how do you even consider ranking the team’s greatest moment?

While subjective, there are moments, both on and off the court, that rise above greatness and stand out over time.

These are true Laker defining moments. A game for the ages, or a draft pick that changed a franchise. Maybe a win on a hated foes’ home floor. 

Whether you love the Lakers or loathe them, this franchise has risen and remained at the top of the NBA for over 40 years. And, if you include the team’s time in Minnesota, that reign is even longer. But, we’ll stick strictly with the Los Angeles era.

So, here are the Top 10 Greatest Moments in Franchise History.

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