Los Angeles Lakers Players Who Should Be Getting More Minutes

Ed Davis and Wayne Ellington have been two of the few bright spots in this dark season for the Los Angeles Lakers—and both deserve a bump in playing time.

The Lakers are struggling to find guys who can make positive contributions on the floor. The team sports the league's worst defense and third-worst nightly point differential after facing the NBA's toughest slate through the first 15 games.

Davis is quickly turning into the steal of the offseason for L.A. The fifth-year pro was an afterthought this summer despite being a 25-year-old former lottery pick who has always been productive on the court.

He's been given a chance to shine with the Lakers, playing more minutes than any other non-starter on the squad, and he's taken advantage.

The University of North Carolina product leads the team in blocks, defensive rebounding percentage and win shares per 48 minutes.

Thus far, he's proven to be the only member of the Lakers with the capability of playing any defense at all—he's the sole player with a positive mark in defensive win shares.

According to NBA.com's nifty player tracking data, Davis has been particularly stingy where it matters most—near the rim.

When he is guarding the shooter within six feet of the hoop, that player shoots 8.2 percent worse than his average.

His offensive game has been effective, too. Davis isn't a guy who you throw it to on the block and let go to work, but he's a tremendous finisher who sticks to his strengths.

He doesn't try to incorporate any superfluous elements into his game. A lot of young bigs like to think they have a burgeoning jump shot and fire away when defenses leave them alone 15-plus feet away from the basket.

As Jalen Rose likes to say, "You're open for a reason."

Davis doesn't heave up bricks just for kicks. If he's out of his comfort zone, he'll move the ball al...

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